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Packaging solutions with added value

Our portfolio for retail packaging includes a wide selection of basic formats made of paper and cardboard. With these standards we can create cost-effective solutions to meet common requirements. Of course we also produce special shapes which are exclusively oriented towards the particular requirements of our customers.

In addition to the look and feel that the end customer experiences, we keep a close eye on the entire cycle of a piece of packaging. And of course that includes transport and storage. Both are cost factors that have to be kept as low as possible. And that is precisely what our collapsible and folding packaging innovations achieve. They can be transported and stored in a space-saving manner. With just a few tweaks they become a high-quality image icon at the point of sale.

Our foldable rigid boxes (FRB) combine the advantages of rigid cardboard packaging with the benefits of foldable designs. One example of a successful new development is the Semi Rigid Box, for which we have a patent. In addition to paper and cardboard, we also use woven material.

The woven material distinguishes itself through its robustness, in particular, and makes a durable advertising medium. Non-woven bags consist of polypropylene, and woven bags are made from the braided structure of the polypropylene.


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