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Global B2B (Brand to Brand) in a pure form: Customised retail packaging made of cardboard and paper in premium quality for worldwide brands - directly from the manufacturer at factory prices.

The trade structures in the world market for packaging are currently undergoing important changes: Luxury Brands are increasingly disregarding non-transparent intermediaries that drive up costs and are instead dealing directly with packaging manufacturers. The reasons are obvious: direct business benefits from genuine top quality at favourable prices. In addition, brand-aware consumers are placing more value than ever on being certain the product of their choice, including its packaging, has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner and under human conditions. Therefore scandal-free packaging is indispensable for the positive image of a brand. The direct contact to the packaging manufacturer provides more security in this respect as well.

idp, the globally active Asian manufacturer of high-quality carrier bags and boxes (foldable and rigid), has started to take this development into account. Previously, we worked exclusively as a subcontractor for most of the worlds luxury brands. Today, we - idp are represented in the international market and are offering our packaging directly as an own brand. At favourable manufacturers prices. To ensure optimal customer proximity, we have expanded our production by the internal sales department idp with offices in the USA and Europe.

idp Customised Bags and Boxes in Premium Quality for Worldwide Brands

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